Monday, July 11, 2016

Dark Chocolate Filled Raspberries: Guilt-Free Indulgence!

I usually think of making these around Christmastime, as sort of healthier offering in a sea of far too much sugar.  Of course, seasonally speaking, these suckers are fresh and local right now.  My neighbor just gave me a basket of gorgeous berries from her own back yard, and I couldn't help but fill a few with chocolate. Super easy and quick: throw them in a bowl with some blueberries and this works every bit as well for the 4th of July as it does for winter celebrations.

fresh raspberries
3-4 squares of your favorite dark chocolate  –  we recommend 85% cacao Theo bars as you can get find dairy free and soy free varieties but even dark chocolate chips will work


1 - Cover a plate in aluminum foil.

2 - Chop chocolate and melt over double boiler or, if you prefer to use the microwave, melt in thirty second intervals, carefully checking to avoid burning, until chocolate is melted.

3 - Use spatula to scrap chocolate into a sandwich sized zip lock bag.

4 - Snip of a very small corner of the bag (you can always snip off more later but you can’t add bag back once you’ve snipped too far!).  I snip such a small corner that I could use the chocolate to write with.

5 - Fill each berry and place on prepared plate.  Refrigerate for five minutes before eating.  These will last 24-48 hours in the refrigerator.

Did I mention you get 12 of these for only 42 calories????  That's right, a tasty treat that's only 3.5 calories each.  Now THAT's what I call guilt free :)

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