Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh, Great Grains!

A sorghum field near my home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

It is very timely that I chose today to discuss my obsession with grains. The Today Show (Video Clip) did a spotlight on Farro this morning...one of the many grains that I mention in today's Serving Up a Smile: Click here: Oh, Great Grains!

Check the organic section of your local grocery, your local health food store, food co-ops, Trader Joe's, and, of course, online. My favorite manufacturers for several mentioned grains are Now Foods and Shiloh Farms, both of which have "where to buy" sections on their sites to assist you in locating a dealer near you.

Three new recipes have been added to spotlight some ideas for what to do with some of these grains (or, in the case of the popcorn, healthful, new ideas for an old friend):

Click here: Chai Amaranth Breakfast , (it’s vegan!)

Click here: Lemony Kamut with Pine Nuts, One of my family’s favorite sides.

Click here: Popcorn with Cinnamon, Honey and Parmesan, Think sopapillas meets popcorn, with a cheesy twang.

These photographs are additional examples of grains being implemented into meals...

Braised leg shank with a side of savory amaranth (grain prepared much like the Today show video clip, by adding grains to saute' of carrots, onions and herbs and then adding stock and water and then simmering until done).

Grilled salmon served over lentils, with wild rice and grilled corn and acorn squash. Lentils and rice prepared, again, in the same method mentioned above.

This is my choice for last meal, if ever I am asked! This is venison pan seared and then roasted, wrapped in Oscar's Bacon, served with Kamut cooked in vegetable stock. Because it was summertime, it was also served with zucchini "fettuccine" ribbons in a light lemon-chive cream sauce.


I am saddened to learn that Oscar's Smokehouse of Warrensburg, NY was badly damaged by a devastating fire in early September. They will be reopening this Winter. Check them out if you like smoked meats; once you try their bacon, you'll wonder what you ever saw in the store bought stuff. Available by mail order (hopefully by mid-December 2009): Oscar's Adirondack Smoke House

Our daughter and our friend's daughter, in front of Oscars, July 2009.