Saturday, November 7, 2009

Country Sunset

I know, I know, these aren't award-winning photos or anything. They also aren't food related. This was what we saw on our way home tonight. I liked the light coming thrown the barn so much that I turned around and went back to see it again. The second time around, we were greeted by a county sheriff, who wanted to make sure we hadn't "hit a deer or anything."

Photos are taken at the same farm where I shot the blossoming peach trees that are always found at the very top of this blog.

This last photo is the light shining through the tall pines; found in the backyard of one of my neighbors.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11/03/09 This Week's SERVING up a SMILE:

Pictured above: a resident offers trick-or-treaters healthy options in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn

SERVING up a SMILE: Avoiding the Culture Shock. Check in this week for a Country Tart comparison of city living verses the country life; read tips on slowly making small changes toward a lifetime of improved health, and discover how being a nosy neighbor can make exercise a whole lotta fun~