Saturday, July 6, 2013

Simple Pleasures and Wellness

I  have never been one to like housework and as such, my house would never EVER pass a white glove test.  I do try to keep my space orderly but, of course, it's always with an air of chaos because I am far too sentimental to toss anything without thoroughly sorting through every item to tedium; you never know what might hold a memory. 

I would not even describe myself as a person who loves to cook which often surprises people.  Truth is, I love to eat and I am obsessed with food so I have embraced the process of food preparation.  As with anything we wish to be successful in--whether it's weight management or health or our career goals--we need to find pleasure in the process. 

When I slice up fruits and vegetables I feel a connection of energy between my body, the cutting board and the sustenance between.  It may be the high quality ingredients, which I insist on always, or it may be the genuine love I feel for foods that I know will nourish and love my body back.   I find so much joy in the smell of fresh berries or in taking a bite in a fresh peach full of that combo of tart and too sweet (like nature's lemonade).  The act of picking fresh fruit or tending to my herb garden is a very spiritual one for me.  It feels so good to know where your food comes from and have that earthly connection to its source. 

I even find myself taking joy in gathering the scraps to walk out to the compost bin and maybe this is because I am still connected to the food as it returns to the earth for fulfillment of the life cycle.  It feels so simple but this involvement in the process is a joy that brings me and my family good health.  Appreciating the blessings, no matter how small, allows us to embrace the process and keep on keeping on.  In the end, I could probably do without most of the garbage I sort through looking for memories.  Life is good in the here and now and that's all that matters!  Eat well, live well.  It's a true story, my friends.

Happy Saturday!