Monday, January 3, 2011

A Balanced Meal from a Balanced Day

It's a time of rebirth for many of us. Heck, even if we don't have to take off 15 lbs gained over the holidays, it just is a time where we all kind of reset our clocks, evaluate our maps and rechart our courses.

Tonight on SERVING up a SMILE, I speak of three dishes that make up a very balanced, very flavorful, and I dare say: restaurant quality meal.

Find the recipes here:

Asian Inspired Salmon

Kale with Citrus

Hato Mugi (Job's Tears) cooked in Stock

This meal was so satisfying that I wish I had come up with it in time for submission to Balanced Days, Balanced Lives in which I was fortunate enough to have been a contributor to this year. I guess this is one for my own book (due out in 2011).

And check out the stats:

If health and balance is what you seek, I highly recommend Balanced Days, Balanced Lives. It is the story of how 42 real people used NutriMirror, a free online food log and nutrient management tool to achieve balance. Personally, I have lost (and more importantly, maintained) 90 lbs. NutriMirror is an amazing free tool and the book is a small price to pay for a well-illustrated, meal by meal anthology, of these people finding balance.

Many years of my life were spent struggling with weight, health issues and low self esteem; I attribute this to having my priorities backwards. It seems so simple now: by managing my nutrients and eating whole, minimally processed foods, I no longer struggle. This is what balance is all about: uniting the foods I crave with the foods my body needs (with room for some discretionary treats!).

This is what I mean when I say love the foods that love you back™.

All the best,

The Country Tart