Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Worms the Early Bird Forgot

If for nothing else, I am notorious for running late. All projects extend until mere moments before the deadline. Waking up to go yard saling is rarely more than an hour-long arm exercise of clumsily wacking the snooze button.

This particular Saturday morning began just like that, the alarm going off, me hitting snooze, my husband inquiring on my sleep-related intentions before pleading with me to turn the darn thing off.

I eventually got up, around 7:00 AM and managed to slip out of the door: child free. I hit a few yard sales and then a Saturday-only thrift shop before hitting a downtown farmer's market along the river. It was hot, late, and to "how much?" everyone had the same reply, "$1.00 a handful." The okra was free "too large to sell," and everything else pictured above added up to an economical $3.00. Good things do come to those who can't get their beaks or butts out of bed at a worm catching hour.

The Asian purple long beans were a particularly good score. The vendor informed me to cut them into salads or stir fry. Not a single one made it long enough to be prepared; we ate all of the "snakes" raw. Hey, whatever it takes to get a three year old to try it, right? ~