Friday, December 25, 2009

Duck, Duck, Goose (and Quinoa)

I said I'd work an ancient grain into my Christmas dinner! See above, as I stuff quinoa into our Christmas goose. Actually it was a duck, but thanks to the John Denver & the Muppets version of Christmas is Coming, our three year old daughter had her heart set on a goose.  $14 for a duck or $60 for a goose?  Hmmm, how about a duck we call  a goose?  Good deal. 

True to Country Tart form, I am wearing the lovely "High Maintenance Camo" shirt (that my oldest daughter gave me for Christmas) while I thoroughly violate this poor bird with my fist.  I told you I was a country tart

Above is the Apple Chestnut Quinoa Stuffing that I promised.

I had some left over (really, a duck cavity is only SO big). Thanks Donna for the kick-ass Le Crueset dishes! Pictured is stuffing before cooking. It was roasted in the oven until the top turned a lovely golden brown.

Foreground: the duck. Background: Joe's smoked pork loin, stuffed with proscuitto, fontina & sundried tomato pesto (don't fret; the recipe for that is coming tomorrow).   Seriously good holiday meal.

Dinner on the smoker.

Almost done.

This is Joe, my other half.  He's a great cook and can work magic around a smoker.   The applewood he used for smoking was from an old apple tree that had fallen during a storm two summers ago.  He had cleaned it up for the woman whose yard it had fallen in (and brought it home in pieces to dry out).  The seasoned wood filled the backyard with sweet smoke all afternoon long.

The duck and quinoa stuffing. It was the kind of "good" that one enjoys without questioning whether or not it is good for you . It WAS a "love you back" food that was good and good for you.. All the guests had a serving of the stuffing and not one person scrunched their nose and asked "what is this?" I didn't see any left on anybody's plate either. That's what loving the food that loves you back is all about.

Whatever you celebrate, Happy Holidays to you and yours from the Country Tart. ~