Monday, July 11, 2016

Crêpe! for Sandwiches

When we run out of good lunch ideas in this house, crêpes are a go-to food that I whip up.  They can be filled with leftovers, fruit, and even preservative free luncheon meat as shown above.  This same recipe could be used to make desserts of brunch, but lunch seems to be an area where a lot of people find themselves stuck for new ideas.  Whip up a batch of crêpes and get creative to shake up a humdrum lunch routine. 

3 Eggs (local, pasture-raised, if you can find them!)
2 ¼ cups non-homogenized, grass fed milk (shake first!)
1 cup spelt or King Arthur's white whole wheat flour
½ cup all purpose, unbleached flour (or sub buckwheat flour, teff flour, or even almond flour)
½ teaspoon salt, fine or flake kosher preferred
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil*

-Shallow sauté pan or crepe pan (if you have one), I use a 10" well-seasoned aluminum pan
-Brush for oiling pan
-Blender, to thoroughly combine egg into mixture.

1 - In blender, combine eggs, milk, flours and salt and mix to bring together and then turn off; no over-blending necessary. Set aside and prepare pan.

2 - In shallow sauté pan, brush with liberal amount of oil. Much like oiling a waffle iron, you will not need nearly as much after the first couple are made.

3 - Turn heat up to high and warm up pan; do not allow oil to reach smoking point. When you see pan has heated up thoroughly, reduce heat to medium-low.

4 - Working quickly, pour approximately 3 tablespoons of batter into pan (more or less depending on desired thickness and pan size). I always pour mine in the top, left corner, furthest away from me. Then, using your wrist, roll the batter quickly around the pan to evenly coat (see photo below). If it doesn't turn out right away, never fear, it can sometimes take several attempts to get it just right--be patient!

Crepe batter with wheat bran added, just after it's been poured and swirled around the pan.

5 - Allow to set thorougly; this should take anywhere from 45 seconds to 1 ½ minutes. Use turner to begin gently loosening up edges from pan (see below).

6. When you can see that the entire piece will lift easily out of the pan without tearing, user  turner to release it completely and then flip  it over cooking the other side just for about 20 seconds or until sligtly browned and the moisture has dried from the surface.

7. Remove from pan and set aside.  Once cool enough to not melt the wax, layer between pieces of wax paper.  Store in air tight container or large zipper bag, in refrigerator, for up to one week.   See how many different things you can come up with to roll them around! From veggies to ice cream to deli meat--you'll be surprised at just how versatile they can be.

* Much less oil will be used if your pan is well-seasoned.  2 tablespoons is a gross over-estimate of how much could be used so the fat in this recipe is probably over-accounted for.

Makes 12 Crêpes.  Per crêpe:

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