Saturday, November 7, 2009

Country Sunset

I know, I know, these aren't award-winning photos or anything. They also aren't food related. This was what we saw on our way home tonight. I liked the light coming thrown the barn so much that I turned around and went back to see it again. The second time around, we were greeted by a county sheriff, who wanted to make sure we hadn't "hit a deer or anything."

Photos are taken at the same farm where I shot the blossoming peach trees that are always found at the very top of this blog.

This last photo is the light shining through the tall pines; found in the backyard of one of my neighbors.


  1. I was going to say "BEAUTIFUL" but Kel beat me to it! (how the heck does she follow me around in FRONT????) Love these...aren't you glad you stopped and took them? I am - thanks for sharing.

    ('s susan again...still can't remember my password...good thing my 4th grader has a google account)

  2. This is seriously my favorite time of day, when nature/inanimate objects become black against the sky! I love these pictures.

    Peter was on FB today and came to tell me, while I was in the bath (I think he wanted to get me before he forgot), that you had posted something on FB about the Praline cake. I told him I might make this for Thanksgiving. I still haven't logged in to FB today! He never comes into the bathroom unless nagged by me for a chat. I think he is rallying for this cake big time. His exact words were, "Hey, Lynn has something posted on FB about that cake you said you might make." *big smile* I am doing a 5k on Thanksgiving...

    This is Carrie by the way. I changed my name thingy and I'm not sure if people know who I am if I leave a comment!

  3. Love your 'view' of the world.

  4. A note on Karaoke: As long as there are no video cameras I can handle a little eye rolling. :o) We can get feather boas for the kids...they can be our back-up dancers! Who knows, Joe may see how much fun we are having and want to join in our "musical." I mean, he did wear a lime green jacket AND was smiling! Okay, hope I'm not written off for this joke. :o)