Tuesday, October 6, 2009

If Martha Can Do It, So Can I...

Here is my shameless plug for my new weekly column at NutriMirror, Serving Up a Smile.

This week's Serving Up a Smile: Let's Try Something New Exploring new foods and increasing the variety of foods in our menu to obtain health while still finding pleasure in food.

Please join me while I explore my idiosyncrasies, food eccentricities and overall food obsession, all while achieving weight management and balance.

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Or, read announcement text, pasted below:

"The hard-earned transformations we get to witness here at NM make this the most heart warming place in America, I believe. Lynn Matava is a great example of one who has made an amazing transformation --- doing it in a way that is likelier to be more lasting than what we see in the outside world of "dieting". I am proud and pleased to announce she has agreed to share with her NM family, in a weekly column, the methods she employs to be so successful at weight control and nutritional balancing."


Drum Roll ....please! Coming Tuesday, October 6, Lynn's new weekly column --- SERVING Up a SMILE She's edgy, speaks "green" and is the unofficial spokesperson for the chia seed producers of the Western Hemisphere. Though she lives on the East Coast, she's often on NM holding West Coast hours. Known here as Lmatava, she'll answer to anything, including the Country Tart and "sometimes" even answering to her given name, Lynn. After years of struggling with depression, a food obsession, and about ten different sizes of pants, Lynn has come to appreciate life and make the most with what she's got. Join her each Tuesday as she makes a heartfelt effort to tackle the green-living obstacles such as money, resources, time, and self-defeating mindsets. She'll explore "loving the food that will love us back", all the while serving it up with a smile.


  1. Loved the first installment Lynn!

  2. This is actually susano, but someone seems to have taken over my computer...where is that kid...??

  3. I am truly excited for the next columns to come! :o) Martha's got nothing on you! Wouldn't it be shocking and a little fun to know if Martha Stewart had a small tatoo somewhere? I meant to tell you earlier that I really love the art on your body. Thanks for taking snapshots!

  4. I still want that blouse.

    The one on the right, just in case you need a reminder :)